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Jon-Do Studio is an off-grid computer-generated imagery studio based in … the woods.


Our 14 years of experience allows us to adapt precisely to your needs

High-quality services

Not only in our product, but during the entire process - from the first conversation to project management

True passion

We love what we do, and thanks to that we never get into a rut.


We care for our planet as much as we do for our clients; every confirmed project ends up in a new tree growing. 

Our story

Our company was founded in Belgium in 2007.

After teaching CGI in Europe and Africa, we travelled for our clients for many years and finally settled. This fundamental change allowed us to reduce considerably our carbon footprint for every single project and therewith its price. Simultaneously it increased our efficiency, flexibility and availability to our customers.

The artist, Jon, spends all his time drawing, painting, sculpting … always trying to capture the world around us, inspired by our stunning planet and the brilliant imagination of us people living amongst it.

His architectural background at the Faculty of Architecture St-Luc in Brussels alongside his artistic approach enabled him to rapidly find the right balance between commercialization and sensitivity, letting your artwork emerge like you visualized it.

The communicator, Chris, speaks fluently English, French, Spanish and German, and just loves nature in all its shapes and forms. She believes that kindness, respect and honesty will make the world go round one day.

She has spent 30 years moving around the globe and studied machine engineering in Düsseldorf, Germany. She is the organizational weight of our small business. She is practical, goal driven and brings Jon back from the clouds when he needs to.

We believe that our combination of creativity, innovation and experience, mixed together with a transparent and professional communication, is the key to a great relationship with our customers. 

A few years ago, we sensed the need to change our way of life. We felt that the world is changing and we needed to adapt.  Jon-Do Studio made it possible for us to move to a remote place, lost in nature; an opportunity to live a more sustainable life. Now we gather our energy from our food forest, our walks and … our happy clients!

We take time, listen and try to figure out the best way to express our client’s needs. Sometimes every detail counts, sometimes it’s about being fast, sometimes it’s about telling a story, mostly it is all together, but our work is always aesthetically driven. And we do it with all our love and attention.

We care for our planet as much as we do for our clients; every confirmed project ends up in a new tree growing. 

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